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There are 4 scholarships available for Storytelling Journey Amsterdam 7-8 April, with a particular focus, but not limited to, people with a refugee background. Due to the limited number of scholarships, please play fair and only apply if you truly need it. To secure a regular spot, please fill in this form: https://pocketstories.typeform.com/to/wjLtJo
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The whole workshop will  be conducted in English. Support in Dutch can be provided.

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9:30am-6pm on Saturday the 7th April ,
9:30am-6pm on Sunday the 8th April.
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Should you be successful to secure one of the four scholarships, then the regular fee will be reduced from €149 to €20 for both days. This includes lunch, tea/coffee and snacks.

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That's it, {{answer_iwoyrX2n27qk}}! Thank you very much for your interest in a scholarship for our Storytelling Journey. You will hear from us before 30th of March to inform whether you have been successful or not. If you have any questions, please email ingi[a]ourpocketstories.org

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