You can expect 18 quick questions and two in-depth questions!
Hoi! Bonjour! Salaam! Hallo! Hola! Ciao! Namaste! Ohayo! Merhaba! Habari! Szia!
Hi there,
Thank you for being interested in our storytelling workshop and book. We first need some practical information about you.

What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_28932939}}, nice to meet you.
What's your last name? *

What is your date of birth? *

Where do you currently live?* *

*Please be aware this is for people residing in the Netherlands only.
What is your Skype name? If you don't have Skype, please add your phone number *

Should you be shortlisted, you will then be invited for a brief Skype call before we make our final selection.
{{answer_28932939}}, which countrie(s)/culture(s) do you feel personally connected to? *

via citizenship, residency, cultural heritage and more? Please list as many as applicable.
I identify as a:

These labels can be relevant for today and the past. Uncertain of what they mean, check out here for descriptions: http://ourpocketstories.org/index.php/stories-and-labels

What is your level of English? *

The whole workshop will  be conducted in English. Support in Dutch can be provided.

Great, thank you {{answer_28932939}}! Now we need to know a little about your motivation to join us on our storytelling journey.

Have you participated in storytelling training before? *

Have you ever told your story publicly before? If yes, how? *

Have you do you prefer to tell your story? *

Do you feel you’re comfortable in front of the camera or do you consider yourself camera shy? *

Describe what motivates you to become a storytelling changemaker in max. 200 words. *

We would love some personal insight on what drives you share your story with the public.
Describe how would you benefit from attending our workshop in max. 200 words? *

Awesome, {{answer_28932939}}! Finally, we have a few logistical questions.

Are you free to attend the whole two-day workshop? *

It begins 12pm on Saturday the 29/10/16 and ends 5pm on Sunday the 30/10/16.
Select the dates you are free to participate in the photoshoot for our book. *

You need to be free the whole day. We anticipate that weekends are the most popular. To increase your chance, try to be available in weekdays. Remember, the shoot can take place anywhere - work, school, family get-togethers. We are flexible, it all depends on you, your boss and/or your family :)

Do you have any thoughts where you would like to do your photoshoot? If yes, explain its personal and cultural relevance for you.

It should be a place that represent you and your cultural heritage. E.g. family events, in your kitchen, religious/cultural venue, hobbies, nature, etc.
We will cover all food, transportation, venue, material and accommodation (for those who live far from the Hague). But we ask a €20 refundable* participation fee to guarantee your spot. *

*Selected participants who complete the full workshop and the photo-shoot for the photo book will be reimbursed your participation fee upon completion. The public storytelling event is not compulsory, but we highly encourage your participation. Date to be determined.

That's it, {{answer_28932939}} Thank you very much for your interest in participating in our workshop and book. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

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